Blogging Tools I Use


Tweet Deck

The most useful tool that I use has got to be Tweet Deck. Tweet Deck was first developed in 2008 as a stand-alone Twitter application which has since, in 2011, been bought by Twitter their selves so yes, this is an official site. Tweet Deck allows you to have a customizable Twitter interface, allowing you to see you feed, mentions, DMs and activity all in one place! It's most useful feature, for me that is, is how it allows you to pre-write tweets and schedule them to be tweeted at a particular time and date. The is especially useful for me as I'm a students. Because I am at school all day I can set Tweetdeck to post links to my new posts without any input from me. I have seen a dramatic rise in viewer-ship on my blog since beginning to use this application and I still use it to this day. Defiantly worth using whether you are a new or experienced blogger.


Evernote is, as the title suggests, a note taking tool. It enables you to take multiple notes, even in check-list form, and sort them into folders for easy organisation. Evernote has apps on many platforms including PC, Mac, iOS, android and Windows Phone and automatically syncs your notes so you can access them on any platform. I mostly use Evernote for jotting down any blog ideas I have so I don't forget them. It's also free to use with the option of purchasing perks and additional content. Evernote launched in 2008 and reached 100 million users by July 2011. 

Okay, I only use 2 Twitter tools but I feel that's all I need! Tweet Deck manages my social media whilst Evernote keeps track of post ideas and all sorts.
Do you use any tools? Let me know in the comments!

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