Loot Crate - December 2014


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It's finally here! The December Loot Crate! This is my first ever Crate so I never knew what to expect, now that it's finally here I thought I would do a a post showing off everything that I've got, some of it being very amazing. This month's theme is anniversary so it will consist of items that have celebrated a certain anniversary in 2014.

                                                      Pop! Vinyl - The Joker Batman
I want to start with my favourite item from this month's crate which is a Pop Vinyl figure from DC Comics. I present to you...The Joker Batman! The Joker Batman is an exclusive Pop vinyl figure to LootCrate meaning you cannot buy it anywhere else. It is number 65 in the DC Super Heroes set. This shall never be opened! Just to give you an idea of how good the LootCrate is in terms of value for money, if I was to sell this Vinyl online I would make back more money than the whole loot crate is worth.
Comic Book - Endgame Part 2

Next up is another Batman related item. It is a DC Batman comic, "Endgame" issue number 36, another exclusive to LootCrate. It comes with a free digital copy of the first 3 chapters of Batman: Arkham Unhinged and is part of "The New 52!", a revamp and relaunch of DC's entire line of ongoing monthly superhero books. Batman is my favourite superhero so it's great to have 2 different Batman items in the same crate!

Tetris Stickers & Simpsons Mighty Wallet

2 more smallish items that are definitely worth a mention are a collection of Tetris stickers and a Simpson's Mega wallet. The 147 Tetris stickers come with a a booklet on how to construct letters and shapes, great for decorating bags and Laptops. I also received a Simpson's Mighty wallet. These are made from a super thin and lightweight sheet of Tyvek. Tyvek is super strong and "resistant to tears and stains". This may not look like much now but it is meant to expand and take shape with use so I will be trying to use this more and more!

The other minor items include a pair of exclusive Guardians of the Galaxy socks, a free month of Crunchyroll, a LootCrate badge, Captain America air freshener, Ghost Busters door handle hanger amd the Loot Crate magazine which features an interview with The Real Stan Lee.

Big thankyou for reading and I am sure I will buy more LootCrates in the future. make sure you vote in my 100 post give away poll and decide what you want to win.

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