My Obsession...


I have a little obsession...

This may be seen as an obsession to many but for me, it's just a collection to me.

So I have an obsession with Adventure Time...

I have watched it for years now but the full collecting started in 2013 when I went to Comic Con in London and found everything Adventure Time and I fell in love with it all.
My first purchase was the BMO toy which I had actually got from Comic Con that year. It was the last one but I had to have it; where else was I meant to find this stuff!

My second purchase as also something I got from Comic Con but it was a lot cheaper than the toy and that was my poster. I ended up getting another one the year after as BMO is my favourite character from the show so most of my Adventure Time stuff involves BMO.

I received all of these from my best friend and my other half Kai where he bought me the top as a Christmas present and the trousers on my birthday the next year after I had talked about them forever.

Kai has been to Forbidden Planet twice when he went to Cambridge and bought us these. These are little models or Jake, Finn and the Ice King. You cant do much with them but they are just constantly there and I love them so much!

This is actually a year old now but last year I got this calender at Christmas. I will be moving soon so this will become posters for my new room which may turn into something that looks like my obsession...

Along side the calender last Christmas, I got the session one Adventure Time DVD and I know every line from the first series and I can honestly say I am proud of myself although you may not think it.

My last purchase is a small little goodie bag that Kai had also bought me; does this mean he is condoning this obsession? A few weeks ago, we went to Center Parcs where we found ONE amazing goodie bag which Kai and I both wanted so we got it. Now it stays in my room where I will never get rid of it.

Thank you for taking interest in my obsession and I hope you haven't judged me too much.

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