My Top 5 Browser Games


Wow! How long has it been since I last did a top 5? It was the 27th of May, back when Indie Horror Games were the thing. I thought that since it has been a while and I've been playing alot of them recently I would write about my favourite browser games. 

Please note all of the games are free to play with the option to purchase in-game items.
Without further ado let's begin!

5) eRepublik
eRepublik is a free online multi-player strategy game that takes place in a virtual Earth. You choose which country to live in and take on the role of your own citizen. As a citizen you must work in order to buy food, fight in wars for your country and even vote for your county's congress. It's fair to say that eRepublik is a very in depth strategy game. You can even become part of a political party and run for president yourself, vote on laws and create companies to employ people and produce goods. I have played this game for a few years on and off and was one of the first games I played when I was younger on the PC. Defiantly worth a try considering it is free and then just stop if you don't enjoy yourself.

4) GPRO - Grand Prix Racing Online
Are you a big fan of Formula 1 or any other form of motor-racing? Then this is the game for you! You take on the role of managing your own Formula 1 car and compete against others in real-time races to make it into the group of elite drivers. There is a huge amount of managing you can do including hiring drivers, upgrading car parts, negotiating sponsorship and even picking out the perfect tyres for your car. The game is filled with data analysis graphs which you can pay for to help analyse your performance ready for the next race. You can even set how much risk your driver should take when racing in different weather conditions! Again worth a try as you do not need to pay to be successful in this game.

3) Footstar
Previously Spotlighted Here. You've heard of games where you can take charge of your own football (soccer) team but have you ever heard of a game where you control the player instead? This is what Footstar primarily focuses upon. You take control of your own virtual player, join a team and train to be the best in the world! Your team is managed by a real person and will advise your on how to succeed. You can even be called up to represent your country in the world cup and win football's most prestigious trophy. This game has everything you'd expect in real life football. Contracts, transfers, drama and even shops to decorate your house and clothing. Completely free to manage a player but you will need to invest some money if you wish to manage your own football team. Take a look!

2) Battle Dawn
Is world domination your type of thing? Then look no further! Battle Dawn is a game where you found your colony on either an Earth, Mars or fantasy map and strive to build up your colony, outposts and recruit new units. Use these units to attack and defend bases of other players all in real-time. Create alliances with other players and then for further alliances with other alliances! Declare players and your enemy and plant a spy in his base, slowly destroying his tanks from the inside. This you can all do within Battle Dawn! with a really helpful tutorial and a helpful community there is no reason to be scared. It becomes quite simple to play once you get the hang of it.

1) Manager League
Previously Spotlighted Here. Manager league is one of those classic Football manager games where you take on your own team. The difference is that Manager League is the best of it's kind. I have tried many a free football manager game in my time and none of better than this game. You can do all the classics like buy/sell and train players, play in friendlies, compete in cups but most of all climb to the top of your domestic league. Manager League has the most friendly and helpful community of any game out there with many being willing to help you at any time. The game is still constantly begin updated and is very possible to succeed without investing any money at all into the game. I highly recommend this game to you! Give it a go!

Thankyou for reading my first top 5 in a while, have a nice day!

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