Some Facts About Webcams


The Legendary Coffee Pot
1) The First Webcam Was Focused On A Coffee Pot

That's right, in 1991 scientists in the computer science department at Cambridge University invented the first webcam to be focuses on the coffee pot in their kitchen so they could all know if there was still coffee left in the pot. So that means that the scientists put tonnes of effort into producing the webcam because they were too lazy to get up and go to the coffee pot?

2) There Are Many Websites Dedicated To Streaming Camera Feed Of Places Around The World

A Screenshot I Took
If you fancy like just chilling and having a lazy day then you should visit a website that has a collection of webcams streaming many places around the world. These range from the simple things like a street to whole cities! My favourite site is Africam which has lots of webcams filming wildlife all over Africa. These webcams are always busy, just look at the screenshot I found! Worth a look for the best of wildlife fans.

3) 79% Of Laptops Now Contain Webcams

Webcams started to be built into Laptops in 2000 and since then their popularity has grown immensely. With the founding of Skype more and more people of a wide variety of ages are using video-conferencing to keep in touch with family, dating or even being used on TV programmes! (In case you were interested, my laptop DOES have a webcam.)

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