Spotlight: GamerLink


Today I would like to tell you about an app that is just starting up that I found and I really loved the concept of it. I loved it so much that I wanted to get their name out their and build them up a bigger audience before the app launches. So please read and support them if you like the idea.

This is NOT a sponsered post. I am writing this because I like the app concept.


The app is called GamerLink. Which, you may have guessed, is made for gamers. Let's start with a bit of background. The founders of the app both loved to play games and were room-mates in college. They found that they owned a similar game collection so they could play games together that they hadn't played in years. As the Semester came to an end they realised that they wouldn't be able to play games together as often due to them living in different places but they knew that there were thousands of players around the world looking to play a particular game with someone, this is where GamerLink comes in.

The founders describe the app as:
"Our solution to this was a real-time matchmaking service that you access through your mobile device as an app. Using the the app you could specify which game and gaming platform you'd like to play and it would connect you with gamers who were looking to play the same thing. Then, we added in a way for you to narrow down what kind of gamer was being searched for, using a variety of options that range from skill level and mic/voice chat preference to game mode and map preference, and much more. In fact, we plan to tailor each set of options depending on the game to create the most custom built matchmaking service ever seen in online gaming. We spent a few weeks designing a prototype algorithm to see if this could work, and it did!"

As this is exactly what they did! They designed an app where you can enter information into multiple criteria boxes and match you up with someone who is looking for similar things. You can choose the game, map, game-mode or even whether you'd like to voice chat with the other person or not and they plan to integrate even more criteria you can search for. I especially like the idea of this app because alot of my friend have a different taste in games that I like to play. I like casual gaming or light-hearted gaming like TF2. I like the fact that the app was made by gamers, for gamers. The creators know what their clients want as they are also their own clients! To date GamerLink has over 3000 followers and is ever growing.


The creators plan to have 2 versions of the app, one free and one paid monthly. The free version will allow you to have a list of players and their preferences where you can filter down the list to find a gamer you desire. The paid app will cost around $2 (£1.33) per month and will give you access to the full features of the app. The full version includes a real-time search feature instead of just the list of players. (Worth the price IMO)

Since starting in April 2014 they have already developed an Alpha version of GamerLink for Android devices and most requests have been to develop versions for iOS, Windows and Blackberry, as well as add more customisation than they already have. To help raise funds to make this happen they are preparing to launch a kick-starter campaign where you can donate to help fund the game a gain perks based on how much you donate, They even plan to offer you the game for only $1 a month if you do support the campaign.

Please do at least check out there website and if you love the concept as much as I do then please donate to their kick-starter and be a huge boost to the development of the app and help the creators on a journey to create, what could be, a worldwide success. Support this and you could even be playing with me at some point! (Who knows...) 

Check Out Their Website Here

Kickstarter Here

Thankyou for reading! I couldn't do this without you =)

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