The Chuckle Brothers


It's time to deviate far from the niche of my blog and talk about 2 people who were a big part of my childhood. These 2 people caused me to love so much as a kid and still do today. Even today I still watch old videos of them from time to time and it seems like I haven't grown up at all. I am of course talking about the Chuckle Brothers!

Paul (Left) and Barry (Right)
For those of you who have never heard of them they consist of Paul and Barry Chuckle (Elliot) and had a popular children's TV show from 1987 to 2009 on the BBC. The show followed the brothers antic which were mostly them taking up new jobs including building, managing and window cleaning. It was my dad who introduced me to The Chuckle Brothers as he was also a huge fan. The fact that the show was running for a massive 22 years is a huge sign of how popular they were. Add this to the fact that they have been active for over 40 years and they're still going!

The pair stopped recording for the Chuckle Brothers in 2009 due to lowering viewing figures but there are rumours of a pilot being made for a new show starring the brothers but this is neither confirmed or denied. I have personally been to the the live stage show 3 times! (I think, could be 4) where they tend to perform a spoof version of a popular film such as Star Doors (Star Wars) or Barry Potter (Harry Potter).

The Brothers Performing With Tinchy Stryder
The brother won the popular TV show Celebrity Coach Trip in 2010 after being on the coach since the start which shows how much people loved their personality. They also, in late 2014, they performed a song with Tinchy Stryder entitles "To Me, To You (Bruv)" based around one of their famous catchphrases after meeting the musician on Keith Lemon's Celebrity Juice.

Each of the Brothers performed in 292 episodes which is such a huge amount! I really do hope that the rumours of a new series is true because I would most defiantly watch it! Even though their series is over they still perform their stage show almost yearly with the latest one being called Space Oddity (Space Odyssey). One day I hope to visit yet another stage show and experience the biggest nostalgia blast ever! It's a shame the series had to end but they will always keep going!

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