The JK Vision Spotlight - AD2460


AD2460 is a brand new browser game which was only released last week. AD2460 is a Science Fiction web-based online game developed by Fifth Season, the same company that brought you Manager League which I have previously spotlighted on The JK Vision. AD2460 is based in a distant-future universe where civilization has expanded all over the place where separate worlds have popped up everywhere.

My blog is based around everything geeky and nerdy and let's admit, Sports games don't tend to be targeted at us geeks and nerds so when I saw this Sci-Fi game being released I was understandably excited. This is the perfect game for all of us! My favourite aspect of this game is the missions, now, you'd think that missions in games like this are just "Go there, do this, mission complete" but it's not. Each and every mission has at least a few paragraphs of back story to them, most of them following on from a different mission. A lot of them are very tactical too. In missions that require you to attack or defend other ships you get to massively change the way in which you go about our battle, including which ships to attack first, retreat condition and whether to fight offensively or defensively.

AD2460 Star Map
Another major part of the game is alliances. You can create or join alliances with other players and work together to fight your way up the leader boards and become the ultimate force in the universe! Alliances are able to create their own websites, chatrooms and forums to allow for the best amount of communication between you and your allies.

The game is mostly based around collecting resources and using them to build up your fleets and upgrade your facilities, such as your intelligence branch. This game is free to play initially but after about 2 weeks you will need to purchase credits to continue playing the game, the biggest package of credits works out at about 6 pence per day which isn't much and it helps the developers to keep the game running! You can as always receive credits through bringing your friends to the game so make sure you do.

I recommend this game to anyone that has any interest is space, science-fiction or battle. Give it a try at least, for the free 2 weeks and see how much you like it. The game is completly free to sign up and no debit card details are needed what so ever until you wish to purchase more game time.

Thankyou so much for reading!

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