Top 5 Minecraft MiniGames


Let's face it. Minecraft is a worldwide phenomenon. Millions of players from all around the world play daily. To date there have been over 60 million sales of Minecraft across over 10 different platforms, including PC, Xbox One and PS4. I personally adore Minecraft and own it on 3 different platforms and still play it to this day. This is why I want to write about what my 5 favourite Minecraft mini-games are. These are games which you can play online for free as long as you have the actual game.

5) Hide & Seek

Kicking us off at number 5 is hide & seek. Hide and seek is a gamemode where you can pick a certain block to take the form of, such as a log or a crafting bench. Then you must pick a place around the map to hide before the seekers get released to come and find you and kill you. Once caught you will also become a seeker and try to seek out the remaining blocks. The best version of this game type can be found on the Hive MC servers. (

4) Spleef

Spleef, as you all may know, is one of the oldest game types in existence as all it needs is a shovel and and field of snow. Spleef is a free-for-all game where your objective is to be the last standing pretty much. You play atop a board of Spleef and you must use your shovel to destroy the snow block from under your opponent's feet to cause them to fall into a pool of water or lava. (Depending on how nice you're feeling). Spleef is quite an uncommon game type now and is only usually found in different forms such as Bow Spleef, this can also be found at The Hive. (

3) Arcade

Arcade isn't as much of a game-type as such but is a collection of multiple mini-games in the same lobby. This is one of my favourites because I can get bored quite easily so it's nice to have a mixture of awesome games in the same place. This also allows you to gain  lots of "gems" which is used as currency on the server to buy game perks and classes. Some of the mini-games on Arcade include: Snake, OITC, Turf Wars and Sheep Quest. My favourite arcade lobby can be found on the Minplex Games server. (

2) Death Run

Death Run is a relatively new game-type to Minecraft and can also be found on The Hive. Taking it's inspiration from Death Run on Team Fortress 2 death run places you at the beginning of an obstacle course and your goal is to make it to the other end before anyone else. Sound easy right? Wrong! Every round there will be players known as the "Deaths" that are there to set off traps and stop you from making it to the end of the course! These traps include disappearing blocks and even fire!  Thing you have what it takes to survive? Head to

1) Trouble In MineVille

Trouble in Mineville is yet another game type that takes it's inspiration from a similar game-time on another game. Mineville takes it's idea from "Trouble In Terrorist Town" which was made using Gary's Mod and Counter Strike: Source. As soon as the round starts you are given one of 3 different roles. You will either become an innocent, traiter or detective. The innocents and detectives must work together to rid the town of traitors but they dont know who they are! The traitors, who know who the innocents are, must work together to kill all innocents and detectives before they do the same to them. The best version of TIMV can be found on The Hive. (

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