Adventure Time Reviews: Season 1 - Episode 13


Title: City Of Thieves

Key Characters: Finn, Jake, Penny

Main Plot: Finn and Jake are going about their business when they stumble across some sort of dome. A Hag appears and tells the boys that it is the city of thieves and anyone who enters it becomes a thief eventually. The boys hear the cry of a small girl named Penny who tells the boys that some thieves stole here flower basket a wouldn't give it back. The boys eventually enter the city of thieves to try and retain the basket but the object keeps changing hands as the thieves keep stealing it from each other. Penny tells Finn of the King Thief who steals from little girls and hide the stolen items in his tower which is guarded by a gate which doesn't allow thieves to enter. Finn is able to pass through the barrier but Jake cannot because he could not resist stealing a pair of shiny red boots. Finn picks up a chest the Penny told him ti get but she isn't as she seems...

This episode of Adventure Time is pretty standard to be fair, not amazing but not bad. This episode was the last to be shown before Cartoon Network changed their logo on the 29th of May 2010. When Finn opens the treasure chest of the King Thief one of the objects he has stolen appears to be a Nintendo Gameboy, a lovely reference to retro gaming. The snail in this episode appears as an inprint on Jake's belly.

Favourite Quote: Jake: "We wanna turn your frown...all the way around."
                            Penny: "Ahh!"

Rating: 6/10

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