Loot Crate - January 2015


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It's here! Finally it's here! For nearly 2 weeks I have been waiting for this month's crate and finally the wait is over so let's take a look at what's inside. This month's theme is rewind, taking a trip back to geekiness of the past including retro games, comics and film. I was especially excited for this month's crate as I'm mostly interested in all of the old stuff like Star Wars and arcade games and this crate did not disappoint!

Marvel: Star Wars #1
The most pleasing item for me in this month's Crate has to be the Marvel Star Wars #1 comic book. This is my first ever Star Wars comic, suprising considering I am a huge Star Wars fan. This comic also has an exclusive to LootCrate alternative cover aswell. I read this almost straight away and leaves the story on a big cliff hanger, making sure that I will be trying to obtain the next in the series. This comic also has some good bits of humor in it also, especially when Luke Skywalker attempts to use the Jedi mind trick but it comes to no avail.

10-Doh Exclusive Figure
This is another LootCrate Exclusive! They are known as "Mini 10-Doh Figures" by Squid Kinds Ink. Each are based on NES cartridges and take their inspiration from old NES games. There were 6 possible figures you could get, including an ultra-rare gold cartridge. I got the "Dr Who" cartridge ,which you can pretty easily see by the name and the image, is based on the Dr Mario game for the NES. A games which will now need to play!

Never been much of an artist myself but this certainly inspires me to at least think about it! This comic notebook already has the comic strips laid out for you and contain some neat little stencils and tips in the back. Oh, and the box turns into a games console!

There were many other items including a Voltron T-Shirt, Retro sunglasses, a Space Invaders tie and as always the monthly badge.

Again yet another non-disappointing LootCrate. Full of stuff from my childhood and all sorts of other goodies. Next month's theme is "Play" which will include all types of gaming including digital, tapletop, card and many more! Hoping that there are many more great crates to come, hope you enjoyed reading, if you want to buy yourself a LootCrate then please...

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