What is G-SYNC

G-SYNC is a way to tune your PC monitors refresh rate to the rate at which your graphics card outputs the completed frame making the image seen by the viewer Sharper and clearer, The G-SYNC technology reduces screen tearing and reducing display Stutter and Lag

Is my monitor G-SYNC ready?

Probably not…
G-SYNC is a fairly new technology, G-SYNC monitors range in price from £250 all the way up to £800 depending on the brand and resolution.
Now If you Do have a G-SYNC monitor Do you have a Card that Has the technology or power to run G-SYNC?
Any card better than an NVIDIA GTX 650ti has the tech and power to run G-SYNC

Is it worth it ?

In my opinion No, not yet
If you have a perfectly good monitor setup then stick with it until a sufficient time to which you wish to upgrade, there is a noticeable improvement but not so much that I can’t justify spending £600 on 1 monitor to which I would need to buy 3 for My gaming setup… That £1800 would be better spent elsewhere.

This was a guest post by Techno Sight, check out their video here!

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