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There are many different types of bloggers. Some blog for their friends and family. Some blog for their selves. Some blog to inform. Some blog to entertain. Some blog to educate and some blog to become well know. The term 'Blogger' covers a huge range of personalities and goals but most of us share a single goal: to reach as many people as we can and continue to grow the audience that we are able to reach out to. This doesn't necessarily translate to popularity and money but it does mean wanting to reach different types of people and having something for everyone that does come to your blog. I am going to write about a few way about how I have tried to grow and expand my audience without the need for any financial input whatsoever, all you need is a little bit of time and patience. Remember, your audience won't grow overnight. You need to be able to wait patiently and dedicated a little bit of your time per day to expanding your community.

Join Blogger Chats On Twitter

I was blogging for about 2 years before I decided to start getting serious and really try to reach out to more and more people. This is where I found a few chats on twitter that happen for just an hour once or twice per week where you can just answer questions posed by the host of that chat and start conversations with other people doing the same thing. It was through the first one of these chats that I joined that I found myself in my first collaboration with another blogger: Unexpected Geek, a fantastic fashion and beauty blogger. The post can be found here. I was also invited to my first ever blogging event by Unexpected Geek in the form of a Norwich Bloggers meet-up (post here) which was really enjoyable so getting into Twitter chats can be really rewarding and fun!

Join As Many Social Networks As You Can

The main place that bloggers will share their content is over Twitter primarily. Having a presence on a number of social networks will increase the amount of people following you on those networks as not every single one of your readers will be on every single network. Giving readers a choice of networks will more likely result in more followers on those sites. Joining sites where people subscribe to your content other than your blog is great. I recommend Pinterest which is a site where you can create 'Boards' of images, GIFs and links where you simply just 'pin' items to and people can subscribe to those individual boards your you as a whole. You can also link your blog link to your profile so people know where to go to find more of you. Pinterest is also a great place to share your links aswell, along with a good picture, to encourage your followers to click to your blog.

Fun Fact: I used the words 'Blog, Blogger or Blogging' 20 times in this post.

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