I Got Some More Pop! Vinyl!


After a trip to London I have returned with booty of the greatest kind! I return with Pop! vinyl. 5 of them in fact, from the planet of forbidden I search deeply and intrictley for these precious gems that are Pops. There were so many in this trove of treasure but I only had room in my chest for 5 so I got down to work deciding which jewels I was to take with me on my journey. Ehem....enough of that. I went to London at the weekend and as a kind of joint birthday thing for myself and Emily and the only things that I bought that wasn't food were Pop! Vinyl and MTG cards.

The most expensive was the Golden Spongebob which was £15 as it had only just been released. Spongebob was a big part of my life when I was a kid even down to the point that everything I owned was Spongebob and I even dressed as the character to parties and such. I also got a 'Dead Gus' from breaking bad complete with the half blown-off face from the explosion that killed him...SPOILERS!. I also finally bought my first Adventure Time Pop! in the form of my favourite character that has been turn into Pop! form through Lemon Grab, Princess PB's first experiment gone wrong...his nose is incredibly big. The 4th Pop! that I bought is Harley Quinn from Arkham Asylum, very nice since I've just started playing Arkham City which she also appears in. Finally I have my first Star Wars Pop! in the form of R2D2 which I don't have a picture of as my other half bought it as a birthday present and I'm not allowed it until then.

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