Tom Clancy's 'The Division' Rumoured To Have Entered Alpha Test *GIVEAWAY*


Tom Clancy’s the division has been rumoured to have entered alpha test for the first time, what does this mean for us the gamers, as no release date has been officially announced the game having entered alpha test indicates that we should be seeing The Division before 2015 is out which is what we have been promised by UBISOFT.

What is the Divison?
The Divison is set in post-apocalyptic New York, you are a sleeper agent living among the civilian population whose job is to remain independent of the government but maintain order during governmental collapse, so there has been an outbreak of a man made virus that has killed many and brought the governments across the globe to their knees, you have to team up with your fellow sleeper agents and take back New York from the Sons of B&^%! Who have taken over new York.
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