Adventure Time Reviews: Season 1 - Episode 15


Title: What Is Life?

Key Characters: Finn, Jake, Neptr, Ice King

Main Plot: Whilst Finn is playing video games Jake comes along with a bag full of butter and 'pranks' him by chucking the whole bag of butter over Finn. Finn is not impressed so decides he needs to get Jake back somehow. After continued thinking Finn decided that he needs to build a robot to throw never ending pies at Jake's face. Now, Finn isn't exactly the best engineer and initially fails to create a working robot but suddenly a bolt of lightening struck the robot and comes to life calling Finn his creator. The robot goes by the name Neptr (Never Ending Pie Throwing Robot). But Finn soon realises that the single bolt of lightening was enough as Neptr still has a few faults. Finn decides to head for the Ice Kingdom in a bid to secure a few more lightening bolts from Ice King but becomes a decision he will soon regret after Ice King claims that Neptr is his son.

This episode of Adventure Time is one of my favourites in season 1. This is due to Neptr's high levels of CUTENESS and little puns within the episode. Neptr is voiced by Andy Milonakis, an American actor and comedian mostly known for his own show 'The Andy Milonakis Show' and his guest appearances of Ray William Johnson's Youtube show '=3'. During Ice King's 'Imagination Zone' thought a total of 20 princesses appear but only 6 of them had appeared in the show before meaning that 14 princesses made their debut in this episode.

Favourite Quote: Neptr: "Sneaking, sneaking, we're sneaking, sneaking"
Finn: "Quiet Neptr, you're gonna get us caught"
Neptr: "SNEAKING!"

Rating: 9/10

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