Ethics To Product Reviewing


In this day and age more and more companies are looking to bloggers as a new and relativity cheap way to advertise their product and get their name out there. Most of the time the company will agree to send a free product to the blogger and allow them to keep in in exchange for a review of that product on the person's blog. This is a great system as the company gets free advertisement and publicity and the blogger gets a free product and some content for their blog. This sounds simple but bloggers and reviewers have to think about their readers instead of the company when writing the post.

The key to reviewing items you were sent for free is honesty. The main reason people read reviews is to decide whether or not to purchase the product their self so they will be looking for an honest and reliable review. Of course you want to keep the company happy so they would want to work with you in the future but you have to keep in mind the main reason you write you blog: for the readers. If a product truly is awful then you must state that. Be honest with your readers so they will return to your blog again and again looking for more reviews. Sometimes you have to sacrifice working with a company to stay truthful and keep your reputation intact.

The main thing that annoys me when it comes to reviewing is when companies will only work with you if you agree to write a 'positive' review. I mean how little faith can a company have in their own product that they have to ask for a positive review? If you believe your product is amazing then your would trust the reviewer to see that too. If you agree to write a positive review no matter how good or bad the product is then to me you are no longer a reviewer, you are simply just working for that company. That's what you do when you work for a company; you're expected to like that product and sell it to the pubic, no matter what your beliefs are. I personally refuse to work with companies that ask specifically for positive review as I feel this is ethically wrong and goes against what I believe in.

To Conclude:
Blogger's: Be honest and refuse to  work with companies asking for un-honest reviews.
Companies: Have faith in your product, don't ask for positive reviews.

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