Some Websites To Pass The Time


Stumble Upon

This website will take you to random pages around the internet based on your personal interests.


Simple but addictive browser version of the classic 'Capture The Flag' game where you play as your own little circle.

Inner Body

Insanely detailed interactive diagram of the human body, from the respiratory to the circulation system this website has it all.

The Useless Web

Will take you to random useless websites. Only for the really bored.


Image and link sharing site where you can create your own image boards to share with friends and others around the world.


Challenge others around the world to a race where the fastest typer of a paragraph wins.


I can spend literally hours on this. You are put at a random place in the world on Google maps and you must pin-point where you are, the closer you are the more points you get.

Let me know what websites you guys use to pass the time, I would love to take a look at them!

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