Adventure Time Reviews: Season 1 - Episode 16


Title: Ocean of Fear

Key Characters: Finn, Jake, Fear Feaster

Main Plot: Finn and Jake are chasing after a Fire Newt after is has stolen a pair of boots. Their chase leads them to the ocean where Jake immediately follows in but Finn halts at the shore line. This is the first time that we learn that Finn, our most favourite adventurer, is afraid of the water. At this point the fear feaster, a manifestation of Finn's fear of the ocean that lives in his stomach, come out of Finn's belly-button and tells Finn that he will never overcome his fear of the ocean. Finn is determined to overcome his fear so he gets Jake to slowly build-up his confidence in the water to become the full adventurer that he could be.

This episode of Adventure Time is one of the episodes that really conveys a message. It tries to tell viewers that no-matter what you fear you can always overcome it! The fear-feaster is voiced by Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) is yet another one of his voice roles. Hamill also voices The Joker is most of the animated Batman films. This episode also conveys the message that even the greatest of heroes still has fears and always has room for improvement.

Favourite Quote: Fear-Feaster: "Yeah, and I live in a 2 bedroom apartment that doesn't smell like vomit. Hahaha....sarcasm."

Rating: 7/10

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