Popping Your Raid Cherry


Popping Your Raid Cherry

By Gando - @GandoStream

Hey everyone,

We all play this game, this game that involves so many people and so much time. This behemoth that creates so many glorious memories for us. Memories like your first battleground, or your first kill if you like to stab other players. Maybe your first dungeon run? Or that time you got that mount you farmed for months. But one thing is constant for nearly every player to ever reach maximum level. Your first raid experience, or as I like to call it, “Popping your Raid Cherry”

So to start off,  I'm going to share my cherry popping experience and what better raid to start with than Karazhan.
I had only just started playing in the later stages of classic WoW and i only just dinged 60 before Burning Crusade came out. So, as you would expect, this raid was always going to hold a special place in my heart.

Now our first run was with my first ever guild, which was Equilibrium. The people in this guild were just amazing and I'm still in contact with some of them to this day. I think this was another reason as to why this raid was my favorite to be honest. Some guilds stand the test of time, others don't. But enough with the soppy stuff, on to the actual raid!

So, it was a normal Friday night raid ( I know, only nabs raid on Fridays!) and we had just buffed and cleared the trash to Attumen and were ready to take him down. Now by this point the guild had had him on farm for a few weeks and we were just planning on blitzing him down and moving on to Moroes. We had him down quickly, a new record if i remember correctly, and we began the loot process. Then all we hear on Teamspeak is our guild leader laughing. At this point, we're all just standing there like lemons, Until someone else clicked the boss and explained. The mount of the time had just dropped.Now as you can imagine, we were all pretty nervous, you know that feeling you get when that bit of loot drops that you’ve been waiting on for months and you’re just hoping your roll gets it, but this was raid wide so 10 people all shitting themselves hoping they would get this mount. Our Guild leader then told us to roll and we all did. There were a few low numbers and quite a few high ones. Now, i left my roll till last ( Just a thing i do) and i got a 98! So that horse was mine and i had the feeling that everyone in the guild hated me just a tad more that evening.

Now we moved onto Moroes  and, behold, i won Moroes’ pocket watch.  At this point, i was thinking my night couldn’t get any better (and the guild couldn't hate me anymore) and i was right, up until we got to Terestian Illhoof where I also got Terestian’s Stranglestaff which just made my night. Little did i know that the best was to come!

So we got passed the chess event (eventually....) and moved onto Prince. Now, up to this point the guild had never ever killed Prince, i mean they had been close, but only down to 15%, or so they said. There was a buzz about the room, we had a real good feeling about that night, well i did anyway. What did I know, I was a raid nab. Remember back in these days LFR didn't exist. We wiped 5-6 times i think, and got to our final try of the night thinking we’d just wipe again because we hadn’t got him below 20%. So we rebuffed and headed straight in and everything just went perfectly and we downed him for the first ever time in our guild. It was an amazing achievement, even if i didn’t get the helm.

From there on out, we pretty much had Karazhan on farm, but it was never a boring raid because of the amazing guild mates i had back then. It always felt like an amazing experience, and every time we went there, we’d discover something new about the place and it kept us entertained for way longer than any raid nowadays.

I guess to sum it up, Karazhan was, and still is, my favorite raid because it was my first raiding experience with great people and true friends and because to this day i still love running it as a solo or as a twink 70 group although, I haven't done that for a few years

Thanks for taking the time to read this and i hope it brings you as much enjoyment as it did me.

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