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As you guys may have noticed, I haven't been Blogging much over the past few weeks, this was because of exams season! I had a total of 6 exams to take, 3 in Maths and 3 in Physics. Add this to the fact that I had to complete 6 Units of IT coursework as well. But I am writing this on my last day thankfully so expect to see regular blog posts from me again.

I will not receive my results for these exams until the 13th of August so there is a long wait ahead! 2 months of excruciating anxiety are ahead until I can finally put my mind to rest, oh joy. I need my results to be good enough because I aim to go to university in September. The course I am hoping to study is Mathematics at the University of Derby. I went to have a look around there a few weeks ago and now I can't wait to go. (They have a Subway on site so....yeah.) It looks really modern and clean as well, very well taken care of. This is why I am desperately hoping to gain the right grades and number of UCAS points to be able to attend. Even though I am really looking forward to going I still hope it won't mean blogging less and less. We are still on track to reach my aspiration for the year of writing 1.5 blog posts a week so let's hope we can keep that going.

So what can you expect to see from me in the summer? Well Emily (Twisted Rust) and myself are going to a follow up event to the Norwich Bloggers Meetup we went to in January, despite not even living in Norfolk, let alone Suffolk. The last one was very enjoyable and we are both looking forward to the next one already, featuring a BBQ! I also aim to get a bit fitter and lose the gut I have developed from sitting down most of the day over the year. I have a few other plans as well like another BBQ/Campout with my friends but the summer is still young so I expect more plans to develop soon!

I hope you guys understand why there have been a lack of posts later and hope that you stay with me through the summer, make sure you let me know your plans!

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