My Favourite YouTuber - Boogie2988


Boogie is an internet video blogger on YouTube who regularly talks about the geek/gaming world. His videos include opening Magic: The Gathering booster boxes, rambling about recent news in the gaming world and tells us stories from his life and the struggles and criticism he has faced because of a whole manner things. He is by far one of my favorite YouTubers and is truly inspiring.

Boogie also has an alter-ego knows as Francis. Francis is a stereotypical nerd who sports a lisp and often get's completly outraged by games and what's recently been in the news.
One of the most inspiring things that Boogie talks about is his weight. He often talks about the criticism he has received due to being overweight and how he has tried to not let that affect him. Boogie often tells his viewers not to hate people just because they are fat, it doesn't help but he also regularly encourages his viewers that are in-fact overweight to fix the problem while they can because he himself now has health problems due to being overweight for so long and as a result can't exercise.

Here are a number of my favorite videos of his. It would be great if you could check out his channel and maybe even subscribe here.

Who is your favorite YouTuber? Let me know below, and thank for reading.

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