2015 Blog Statistics - The JK Vision


Woah! Nearly 2016 already? 2015 started as a great year, I went to my first blogger's meet-up, and I was blogging quite regularly but by the end of it 2015 became one of the hardest years of my life, but I won't go into the details! Enjoy a collection of statistics from the blog this year.

All Statistics Are Correct At The Time Of This Post And Include This Post Itself

1)  There has been 70 posts made to this blog in 2015.
    • That's 1.3 a week.
    • Most posts ever in a single year.
    • Almost 5 times as many posts as 2013 (15).

    2) The months with the most posts:
    • January (17) Best Of All Time
    • May (12)
    • February (10)

    3) The months with the most views:
    • July (6,667) (3 Times As Many As The Top Month From 2014)
    • May (6,299) (Nearly 4 Times As Many As Second From 2014)
    • January (6,023) (Nearly 5 Times As Many As Third From 2014)
    4) The most views came from (All Time) :
    5) Countries most viewed by (All Time): 
    • United States (20,917) (Quadrupled In The Past Year)
    • United Kingdom (6921)
    • Israel (4640)

    Most of all, a big thank you to every single person reading this post right now!

    It is because of you that I keep doing this regularly, without any views I wouldn't be writing this today. Thank you for all your support you've given me over the past year and I hope my writing keeps you here in the new year.

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