Tips And Trips To Starting An Amazing Blog - Part 1


This post will be about how to start a blog using Google's Blogger as this is the method I myself have the most experience with. I will be running through steps including initially setting up your blog, writing your blog, promoting your blog and, if applicable, working with companies and earning income from your blog.

Initial Set-Up

It is important to get the set-up of your blog as near perfect as possible first time around as it will give you less errors and mistakes later on. First up is your blog's name. Naming your blog could be tremendously easy at times but alot of the time you can just be staring at a blank screen. It is important to have a name relevant to what your blog is related to, maybe your name included, but keep it shortish and snappy. Longer domain names look slightly less professional than if they were shorter.

Next up is the design of your blog. You can ever use one of blogger's generic templates or download a third party template. The third party ones offer alot more detail and aesthetics along with alot more functionality. They tend to look alot more professional tool. They're easy to download and easy to install.

If creating a template using the pre-built blogger customization then you must make sure that the text of your blog doesn't get over powered by the background colour and rendered unreadable. A safe way to go is plain old black text with a light coloured background. Font selection is also key too. This shouldn't too much of a problem as Blogger wouldn't include unreadable fonts but some of them along with alot of text can prove a struggle.

Writing Your Blog

Without doubt writing your blog is the most important aspect of success. This is the main content that your viewers will see and will be the main reason that keeps them coming back to visit. Repeat views are the best way of expanding your blog as these viewers could become fans and begin sharing alot of your posts, bringing you in even more traffic.

It is important to stick to your blog's theme when writing. Viewers will want to come back to read your posts because they are similar to what they are interested in their selves. For example: if someone began to like your writing after reading an article entitles "Top 5 Gaming Consoles" they would be unlikely to return again if your next post were entitles "The History Of Plumbing" is just doesn't work.

Despite this you don't want to constrict yourself too much when writing because you want to be able to have many ideas flowing through your head at anyone time instead of struggling to come up with a title week in week out. It is a good idea to choose a couple of themes that closely relate to each other and could offer a wider range of topics to cover. For example: Gaming, technology and geek fit together quite nicely as if someone is interested in one of those topics there is a high chance they would be interested in the other 2. A bad example of multi-themes would be: Fashion, sport and the banterous way of Kai Bloodworth. They link very weakly plus it would be unlikely that any person would be interested in all 3.

Remember quality, not quantity, It's not about how much you write that will grow your viewership; it's the standard of what you write that will. Be sure to write in depth about your topic, but only include necessary information. Don't try to babble on too much just trying to increase your word count because it would become tedious for you to write and for the viewer to read the article.

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