July - Geek Wish List


Nintendo Zelda Vans

Strut your geek with these Zelda themed vans. I desperately need new shoes, especially since Pokemon Go has suddenly caused me to be more active and my current footwear was shocked and couldn't take the added excercise.

Star Wars Geeki Tiki Mugs

Chill out with your fellow geeks with this Star Wars character Tiki mugs. What's better than sitting watching the latest episode of Eastenders whilst sipping your 8th tea of the day from the head of Bobba Fett? Answer: nothing.

The Little Book Of People I Want To Punch In The Face

For the people who hate other people. We all have those experiences in life where we just meet fellow human being who could really benefit from a punch in the face. Not trying to be brutal, just honest.

Pokemon Gym Badges

Whilst you're out for hours a day searching for that elusive Pikachu assert your dominance with these set of 8 Pokemon gym badges. P.S. team Mystic for the win.

Which Pokémon GO team did you join? Let me know in the comment section below.

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