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What Caused You To Start Blogging?

I started Munching With Monet back in May 2015. At that moment in time, I was unemployed. I’d quit my job due to personal reasons and wanted a hobby to fill my time. It was purely something to do during the day. I never expected to get the kind of reaction that I did. It was totally unexpected.

Why [GENRE] In Particular?

Me and my boyfriend have been together nearly 5 years. We met whilst both working at a restaurant where I waited on and he was a chef. We have a love of food in common and spent the majority of our dates/ time together trying out new restaurants. People would come to me for recommendations so that’s why I decided to start writing it down. That way I could look back and refer people to my blog for my opinions on different places.

What Do You Love The Most About Blogging?

I love that it gets me out and about. I live in a town within Derbyshire but don’t just limit myself to restaurants within the area. I’ve reviewed restaurants throughout the county, in Nottingham and even as far as Scarborough. I get to visit new places all the time which is great!

What Is A Side To Blogging You Don't Like?

If I had to pick something, I’d say comparing my blog to others. I’m very proud of my blog and what it has accomplished but there are always thoughts there in the back of my mind praying that my content is good enough for my readers. I just want people to enjoy what they read.

Do You Think Blogs Are Dying Out In Favour Of Video Sharing Sites?

I have noticed myself that more and more bloggers are making the jump over to sites such as YouTube which is great for them however, it’s a very competitive market. With my kind of content, it isn’t really something that I could vlog about, so that isn’t for me, but I wouldn’t say that blogs are dying out. There are thousands of great blogs out there that lots of people but so much effort into on a daily basis.

What Is Your Favourite Post That You've Written?

Last month I went to Dublin, so decided to do a foodie/ travel post about the time that I spent there. I’d say it’s one of my favourites as it’s something completely different to any other post that I’ve done before, there are lots of great pointers in there for anyone visiting the city and I enjoyed writing it up. Check out the post here.

What Other Blogs Do You Read?

I like to support other local bloggers, so if they have a post that I like the sound of, I always make sure I have a read. They aren’t necessarily food bloggers though. I read fashion, lifestyle, beauty, crafts, tech/gadgets… allsorts really. Even though some of those genres aren’t something that I particularly associate myself with, I still enjoy to read them. There aren’t any blogs that I read religiously. I like to mix it up.

Where Do You Hope To See Your Blog In 6 Months Time?

I hope to continue doing what I’m doing. Obviously I would love it if my number of readers were to grow but if not, that’s fine. I write my blog because I enjoy it. A few months back, I hosted a networking event based in Derby for bloggers across the East Midlands called the #DerbyBloggersBrunch. I’d really love to organise another one of these if I manage to squeeze in some time as it was a lovely way to get to know the other bloggers that you read about and talk to over social media.

"Hello! My name is Monet (pronounced Mon-ay). Yes, like the artist & no, I am not French. I am 22 years old and live in Derbyshire with my Mum, Brother and 1 year old Beagle called Bob." 

A big thankyou to Monet for taking part in this first interview! Please check out her Blog and follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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