The Types Of Facebook Users That Annoy Me


The Facebook Game Inviter

There is always that one person who's only gaming experience comes from playing Facebook games. I mean don't get me wrong, using Facebook to login into mobile games is a great way of doing but keep it to yourself. No I do not want to help you harvest your crops, I'd rather spend my time complaining about how you ask me to help you harvest your crops. Which seems just that little bit more productive. I have literally deleted people from my Facebook purely out of my own superfluous hatred for game invitations.

The Lovey-Dovey Couple

Of course it's great to be proud of your significant other and want to show how happy you both are; but its when every other picture you post is of them laying in bed along with the totally original "#blessed" that it becomes mundane. Add this to the constant updates of "2 months with this one" and other irrelevant milestones. This isn't me being a sourpuss here, I think it's great that coupe can publicly announce their contentment with their SO but don't post so much that it causes me to audibly say "Oh here we go again". Just keep it to a minimum for my own sanity.

The Female-Hating Singleton

On the complete other end of the spectrum there is always the single teenage guy who thinks the only reason he is single is because the girls "only go for the jerks" and "never give the good guy the time of day". Do you ever just stop and think that maybe you may have some flaws just like everybody else does and you're not just the perfect human being? Just admit that you may have issues and it's not the opinions of everyone else that is the problem. Even as I procrastinate on Facebook whilst I'm writing this post there's this one guy is sharing pictures of how much woman don't appreciate the good guy...I mean seriously.

The One Who's Always On Holiday

Now, there's nothing wrong with travelling the world what-so-ever, I mean that's exactly what I plan to do one day but it's my own narcissistic ways along with my life as a destitute student that makes my jealous side come out and motivates me to write a blog post about it instead of figuring out a way to travel the world myself. All the pictures of exotic meals and hot-dog legs brings out my envious side of self-loathing. You're left trying to decide whether to go out to a nice restaurant or get a few hours extra sunbathing in whilst all I'm deciding is what ready meal to stick in the microwave later. Both absolutely huge decisions too but not the most equal.

What sort of Facebook users annoy you? Let me know in the comments or on twitter!

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