Importance Of English Language In Academia *Guest Post*


*Guest Post*

Around the world, English language is the most spoken language. The first reason behind this is that English is a universal language and the second one is that you can easily understand it. Now people, whether in America or in the European countries, might come in this world with the blessing of knowing this universal language but still there is need to study and understand it properly so as to grab a full command over it.

It has been seen that the majority of the modern-day students don’t value English and one of the basic reasons is that they frequently think that they have good command over it and they understand it very well, and that’s why they think that there is no need to further improve their skills in this language. The basic issue here is that learning grammar in English and improving your vocabulary are indeed very necessary if you want to be well-versed on English. Lot of benefits have been identified that an individual can have in his or her personal, academic and professional live if he or she knows very well every single aspect of English and they know how to create and structure sentences using specifically chosen words.

In this article I will discuss the importance of English language in the academic world, and for this I will present a concise list of some area where you can achieve success by developing good command over this language:

College / University Admissions

If you want admission in your desired college or university you will have to be very well familiar with the importance of English language to get academic success. At first, you need to craft a perfect and highly engaging college admission essay, while giving a very extensive interview with the core objective of standing eligible. In case if your fluency in English language is not strong and precise then you can’t get admission very easily.

Interviews / Applications for Job

To get a job, you need to write an application. For all types of jobs around the world the employer or recruiter always wishes to hire such candidates who have high qualification along with good communication skills. If you feel your English is weak because of any reason, such as this is your indeed 2nd language, you would not be fully capable of communicating your ideas and thoughts in the very optimal manner.

Routine Life

At the end, if you are well aware of all the basics of English language in your routine life, it is too good and you really can live a highly respected routine life. The people you meet, such as your classmates, friends, relatives, and others, will find you highly charismatic if you have the ability to socially and professionally interact with them. But, it is only possible if you know how to interact with them in a respectful manner, meaning which words you should use and not use.

Author Bio:-

Rosealvin is a Project Manager in UK Based writing firm which provide to the students. Rosealvin completed her master in business administration and writing her experience from four years.

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  1. Well although we american are blessed with English as the primary language, still there are other language dominance like Chinese, Spanish then there is hindi which could also help. Nice post you have got here though.

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