Christmas Recap 2016


Fake Christmas & Ice Skating

The Christmas season began with a bit of ice skating plus a fake Christmas with my uni mates before we all headed back to our hometowns. We had a quick skating session in the pop-upice skating rink that comes to Derby's Cathedral Quarter every year. £6 for 50 minutes of skating is a pretty good price and we all had masses of fun. A few days before catching the train home, my housemates and I invited around all our uni friends for a little pre-christmas Christmas - complete with Christmas dinner, games and presents. I was given so much lovely gifts that I'd been needing for a while including blankets, aftershave, Malibu and Xbox One chargers, 


The day I arrived back home in Suffolk I finally got to see Rouge One with my dad. Easily in my top 3 favourite Star Wars films, with a darker tone and feel to it. The next day way the traditional pantomime with the family. Still going after 8-10 years this one was King's Lynn's own take on Cinderella, starring Matt Lapinskas (Eastenders). One of the best I've been to so far, especially since my dad was picked by one of the ugly step sisters to go up for a dance on stage (I would post a photo but I feel it would be too cruel). We had the traditional meal at Arbuckles on the way home and as always the burger was the only fathomable choice.

London - Winter Wonderland

The highlight of my Christmas break had to be the day trip to London with this one. She made my day one of the best of my year and helped to make my 2016 end on a high. 2016 marked Winter Wonderland's 10th year and boy could you tell. I'd only been once before but it seemed like it was on a much bigger scale this year than the last time I went. We walked around the site almost all day and I've still pretty sure we missed some of the park, absolutely amazing. We took a lovely walk around The Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park (my favourite park of the day), visited Princess Diana's memorial and sat down for a nice hot chocolate at Lido. A few hotdogs here and there and a huge pretzel made for the perfect day with an amazing girl. Can't wait to go back to London in February and back to Winter Wonderland next Christmas. 

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