Why You Should Use Your Right To Vote



There are 3 days left to register to vote. After Monday the 22nd of May you will be refused a vote on the 8th of June if you have not registered. We all have our own opinions, we all have our own beliefs, but I think we should all agree that everyone should vote if they have the right to.
If you are a British, Irish or commonwealth citizen and over 18 then you have the right to vote, so take it!
Voting rights haven't always been equal. It wasn't until the relatively recently 1928 that both men and women had the right to vote at the exact same age of 21. Previous to that women had to be 30 years old before they could vote, whilst the men's age was till 21. Even earlier than that women could not vote at all and the men had to be land owners before they could vote so it was only less that a century ago that voting rights were completely equal in the UK.

With this long history of voting rights in the UK being unequal between men and women, land owners and not alike, why doesn't every one use their right to vote?

My Vote Won't Make A Difference

Everyone's vote matters, everyone's vote get counted. Fair enough some constituencies have been consistently Conservative or consistently Labour and so on but a lot of constituencies are so tight that every vote cast has the ability to change the outcome. Take the Gower constituency for example; Gower has an electorate size of 62,389 and is a Conservative seat, but that seat was only won by a tiny 27 votes. If only 14 of the Tory voters has voted for the Labour candidate instead then the seat would have been won by Labour, 14 people!
Even the constituency that I will be voting in, Derby North, only has a seat majority for the Tories of 41 votes, out of a huge electorate of over 72,000.
So don't believe that your vote won't make a difference, because it will. Your vote could make the difference between a left wing and a right wing candidate.

I Don't Like Any of the Candidates

This is a very common problem that I encounter. Even though you are technically voting for your local MP most people look at that candidate's party instead of voting for the person. This means that we are voting for which Party leader we want to run our country. So what if you don't support or agree with any of the party leaders?
You could vote for an independent candidate. Independents are not overlooked by any party leader or what nots. Independent candidates tend to care abut the place you live more than candidates for parties, they can believe what they want to believe and vote for who they want without the fear of being suspended.
Another option would be to spoil your vote. Walk into that polling both and spoil your ballot paper. Draw a picture of a dog, a house...or other symbols, and hand that in as your vote. Your vote won't be counted as a vote for a candidate so no one will benefit from your vote, but it will be counted. Remember that, a spoilt ballot paper is still counted. You will still count as a statistic in the announcements of the results, your spoilt ballot will be seen by millions as a statement against the candidates in your constituency.

So please use your right to vote! No matter what you believe, whether you agree with me, your friends or your family, please use that right to vote. It was fought for that you could have that vote so please take full advantage of it.

Please share this post amongst your friends and get them to vote too. 

I'd also like to add, don't vote for candidates just because your favourite celebrity has told you to do so, that goes against the whole idea of democracy. Vote for who you believe is the best candidate for your town or your country.

Let me know down below if you are going to vote, and if not, why not? 

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