Let's Lose Weight - Week 1


How The Past Week Went

This first week went a lot better than I thought to be fair. Healthy meals including tuna and pasta, along with rarely snacking. When I did have a snack it would be something small and healthy like a yogurt. I've barely noticed myself getting hungry or even noticing myself making an effort to eat healthier because I've seriously been enjoying each and every meal I've had. I'm feeling pretty good about this journey. 

Goals From Last Week

  • Average Daily Activity: 1 Hour 👍 (74 Minutes!)
  • Weight Loss: 0.5 kg: 👍 (1.5kg!) 

Goals For Next Week

Let's slowly increase the target for next week:
  • Average Daily Activity: 70 Minutes
  • Weight Loss: 0.7 kg

Come back next week to see how I did!

Any tips? Let me know down below.

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  1. Can you show before and after pictures?

    1. Good question! I plan on sharing before and after pictures once I am comfortable with the way my body looks :)