Being Male In A Largely Female Dominated Industry


I started this blog way back in November of 2012 with a friend of mine, meaning that I have over 4 and a half years of blogging under my belt. In that time I have reviewed tech and games, I've attended restaurant openings and met many a blogger over the years. But one thing that I've always noticed is that there are very few male bloggers around compared to female bloggers.

Even in that 4 year period, I haven't noticed a change in the ratio of male to female bloggers. Do I feel left out by being a male blogger? No, not at all. The blogging community is open and friendly that I'd encourage almost anyone to take up the hobby. It's free, easy to get into and so so rewarding. 

But, of course, there are a few drawbacks of being a male in a female dominated industry, as there is in any industry. One of the most notable drawbacks has to a number of opportunities and blogging sites for Males. There are a whole load of websites and companies wanting female bloggers for fashion and lifestyle reviews where as the male counterpart is hard to find. Is this a big deal though? I've never found it to be. It just means having to keep an extra careful eye out for relevant and suitable opportunities floating around. 

I'd love to see a larger number of male bloggers entering the industry though, a larger community means a more successful community. Just as there are many Twitter communities for female bloggers, most notably "The Girl Gang", it would be great if there were one for men. There are a few I've found but they are nowhere near as large or active. 

As to what made the blogging community female dominated? I can't be too sure. Maybe it dates back to school. A government report shows that the most popular A-Level choice for females is English where as the most popular for males is Maths. Even at GCSE level, females are much more likely to choose a subject within the humanities area where as males were more likely to take subjects like PE and IT. Seeing as English and humanities are the more creative subject and blogging is a creative hobby then maybe the issue starts at the school level? 

I have no idea what I personally could do to increase the male population in the blogging community except ask everyone that reads this to really promote the hobby to all of their friends, maybe even share this post around. Do you agree with what I've said? Or have I just been talking complete lies? Let me know down below. 

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