BLOGMAS Day 1 - Top 5 Christmas Films


5. Home Alone (1990)

Probably the most well known Christmas film on this list and the most classical. It wasn't until I was making this list that I realised this film is 27 years old, wow. Starring Macaulay Culinary as Kevin McCallister, this film tells the story of a boy who was forgotten about at home when his family go on their Christmas holiday. He is left Home Alone to defend his house, using some ingenious contraptions, against 2 robbers who attempt to steal from his family home. Both this as it's sequel, Lost in New York, are phenomenal films that should be watched every Christmas. We don't talk about the next 3 though... *cough* Holiday Heist *cough*

4. The Santa Clause 2 (2002)

In my opinion, the second The Santa Clause film is better than the first. This instalment features the same protagonist from the first film, Scott Calvin, as Santa Claus who finds out that if he isn't married by Christmas then he will cease to be Santa anymore and Christmas will be ruined. In addition to this his son, Charlie has been placed on the naughty list. Nightmare. I'd highly recommend this as a family film, best watched on Christmas Eve in your newly unwrapped Christmas pj's, gathered around the TV with a nice cup of tea. Or wine. Or vodka. Just drink guys, it's Christmas!

3. Love Actually (2003)

The most feel-good film on the list features multiple different stories of which some are connected in some way, all based on Christmas and finding love. Featuring many huge names such as Keira Knightly, Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Andrew Lincoln, Colin Firth and Alan Rickman. If you simply fancy being cheered up around Christmas just pop this film on. You have Colin Firth falling in love with his maidRowan Atkinson which is probably the most hilarious part of the whole film.
all the way up to the Prime Minister (Hugh Grant) falling for his PA. You even have a small cameo from

2. Jingle All The Way (1996)

Probably the best Christmas film I know that practically no-one knows exists. Howard Langston, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, has some making up to do with his son Jamie (Jake Lloyd). He promises to buy him the most wanted present of the year, a Turbo-Man action figure. The only problem is, they've sold out everywhere. This film follows the lengths Howard will go to just to give his son the best Christmas gift he can. Well worth the watch, well worth the time. 

1. How The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

Things don't get much better than a Jim Carrey film. The movie follows The Grinch. A miserable anti-Christmas fiend who plans to steal gifts from under people's trees to ruin their Christmas' in response to being humiliated by the mayor of Whoville. Little Cindy Lou Who (Taylor Momsen) must convince him to change his ways after coming face-to-face with him at the town's post office. The funniest and best Christmas film in my opinion, that a Carrey's creepy Grinch smile make for an amazing film. An animated version is set to be released next year with Benedict Cumberbatch taking the lead role. I'm a bit wary but time will tell!

Was your favourite film on the list? Or did I leave out one of your top ones? Let me know in the comments!

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