BLOGMAS Day 4 - Best TV Christmas Specials


Christmas Who? - Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob Squarepants was by far one of my favourite shows as a kid. I even had a costume... and underwater-themed room. Heck, even my first email address has "Spongebob" in it. Spongebob has been going for nearly 20 years now so there have been many Christmas specials in that time. My favourite is where Sandy first tells Spongebob of the Christmas traditions on land. He takes these and puts on a spectacle for the rest of the town and gets them all excited from the visit of Santa Claus, there's even a classic tune or 2. But he doesn't turn up...

Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire - The Simpsons

The Simpsons first aired as an independent show way back in 1989. The first one being, oddly, this Christmas special. It was originally meant to be the 8th in the first season but due to delays, they had to air the Christmas special first, on the 17th of December 1989. Homer is distraught t find out that he won't be getting a Christmas bonus this year so is forced to take up a job as Santa in a mall to pay for his family's Christmas. I like this episode because it deals with the real issue of families struggling with money, especially around Christmas time.

The One with the Holiday Armadillo - Friends

Friends is a classic. 10 seasons of pure gold, each episode better than the last. Ross is looking after his son Ben and wants to teach him about his Jewish heritage. Ross wants to dress up as a Christmas character but the shop is all out of costumes because of it being so close to Christmas leaves him having to dress up as an Armadillo to teach his son! I would give anything to find out who came up with that plot-line and how. 

Blackadder's Christmas Carol - Blackadder

If you're familiar with the Blackadder series you will know that it follows many incarnations of the Blackadder family where Edmund Blackadder is one of the most miserable and cruel people on the planet. Blackadder's Christmas Carol, on the other hand, follows a good and kind Ebenezer Blackadder in stark contrast to the original Christmas Carol. Blackadder is visited in the night by a ghost who shows him just how terrible his ancestors were... but it has a slightly different effect.

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