Geek Wish List - January


Zelda Sheild Mug

Make like Link and grab your green hat, your Master Sword and your... Hylian Shield mug? Surely even the Hero of Time needs to start his day with a nice cup of tea what with all the princess saving he has to do. 

Addictaball Maze

The nostalgia boner that sprung up when I came across this time-killer again. I would spend hours on this when I was a kid and I mean hours. Was never able to beat it of course what with my blunderous hands and lack of patience. 

R2D2 Desktop Hoover

Sometimes when I sit there by my computer eating bourbons whilst catching up on the latest Eastenders I think to myself "Wow, I wish I had a miniature astro-mech droid sitting on my desk to clean up all these crumbs." Well now I can with this R2D2 Desktop Hoover.

Scribble Alarm Clock

Wake up to a self-motivational message from you past self (or an unreadable message from your drunken self) and leave yourself inspirational quotes, reminders or -if it helps- insults. But we all know that whoever buys this will inevitably use this to draw some sort of phallic symbol.

Bright Idea USB Light

Sometimes when I wake up at 2 in the morning I want to write a spontaneous blog post but I don't want to be blinded by the big light in my room. Bright Idea! How about a dimmer light bulb that you plug into your laptop? Brilliant.

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