Why You Shouldn't Use Adblock


We live in a world full of advertisements. They are everywhere you look. On your TV, your Radio, your computer, your phone and hundreds of other places. Some of these ads can become irritating and some can be completely useless which is true. But just think about those companies or content creators that literally make their money from selling advertisements.

Let's use for example Funnyjunk, a humorous Image and video sharing site where users can comment on content and interact with each other. without advertisements running alongside the site there would be no income whatsoever to the site so the sever costs would not be paid and the site would be shut down. Advertisements either pay based on the amount of clicks on the ad or the amount of times it has shown up on a user's screen. Adblock prevents both of these things from happening so the user will still be receiving their free content without the possibility of giving the Admin of the site anything in return. For those of you who use Adblock focus on the words FREE CONTENT. You don't have to pay to use Funnyjunk, YouTube or Reddit which is why these sites need their advertisement revenue, along with other types of income, to stay afloat.

Admittedly some advertisements can be annoying. Especially the advertisements that catch you off-guard like when you click to watch a video on YouTube by 'by chance' a sponsored video pops up and you end up watching that instead. Or when you want to retry a level on a free mobile game but an add pops up just as you press retry, leading to another false click on an advertisement.

Even with all the annoying false-click advertisements out there you need to think about the creators allowing you to view their FREE articles, videos or images without asking you for a penny. All they want you to do is allow advertisements to be shown on your screen whenever you visit their site so they have the chance to make a bit of money.

There is even advertisements on this blog. I don't make a tonne of income at all but its a nice little incentive for the work I have been putting into this blog for over 2 and a half years. If Adsense suddenly disappeared I would always continue blogging but as these ads are up on my site I would like to have the chance to make a little bit of income from them and all you guys have to do is allow them on your screen, you don't even need to click them and it still helps.

So to conclude,
People who use Adblock: You are getting free content. give the creators the chance to make money they rightfully deserve from the content they have created.
People who don't use Adblock: You are cool people.

Thanks for reading.

UPDATE (2021): I changed my mind, ads suck. By the way, I hope you enjoy the ads on this blog. Peace.

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  1. nothing wrong with using adblock, funnyjunk steals other people's memes for money so that was a bad example

    but websites can find other ways to make money in the internet free market instead of spamming me with dodgy links and cookies