Top 5 Takeaways In Derby


After being a student and the University of Derby for 3 years, I have had my fair share of takeaways. Maybe that's a bit of an understatement but I have tried enough places to be able to tell which takeaways are great and which are just vile. Please read my least f the top 5 takeaways in Derby!

1) Macklin Fish Bar

In addition to fish and chips being the best form of takeaway anywhere ever, Macklin Fish Bar offers good, fresh tasting food along with huge portion sizes. I always go for the large Cod and Chips and then regret going for the large Cod and Chips. When ordering on Just Eat they deliver in 30 minutes tops, even though the app says otherwise, faster than most other takeaways in Derby. Highly recommend

2) Amigo

Ahh, anything spicy will do me just fine. You can never go wrong with a burrito from this place. They are massive. My only complaints are that half of the filling ends up on my lap and you never know how spicy it can be and it differs every time. Still, if you're looking for a big meal, choose this place.

3) Chicken Hut

Cheap, cheap food for what you get. Every possible combination of chicken burger you can think of (I always go for the Chicken Supreme Burger because by god hash browns in a burger are amazing). This burger goes for £2.69 or £3.89 as a meal so if you're a student on a budget, this is the place for you.  

4) Good Food Inn

Not a huge fan of Chinese food but when the craving does come around I always go for Good Food Inn. The food is always hot and tastes freshly cooked, like it's not been sitting there all day like many other takeaways. The meal deal from there is pretty good aswell. A starter, main, rice and drink. Szechuan Beef with egg fried rice is always my point of call. If Chinese is your thing please check them out.

5) Scoops Express

To wrap is all off for dessert why not go for Scoops Express? Anything dessert related from milkshakes to cake. I always go for the Oreo or Bueno milkshake along with chocolate fudge cake. Then afterwards you can hate yourself for eating the lot. Completely work it though. 

Were any of your favourite takeaways on or left off the list?
Let me know below, thank you for reading!

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