Facts About The Legend Of Zelda


Originally The Triforce Was Supposed To Be Made Of Microchips.

Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of The Legend Of Zelda, was supposed to follow a completely different storyline. The story-line was supposed to take place in both present-day Hyrule and the future. Instead of collecting pieces of the Triforce you would be collecting little microchips to form the symbol. You can also see remains of this idea by the actual name of Link. He was meant to form the 'Link' between the present and the future.

It Took 3 Years For Developers To Design The Chest Opening Animation.

There are many iconic visuals to many games out there and one of them is the opening of a chest in Ocarina Of Time. They wanted the animation to look as realistic as possible so they originally decided to use motion capture to figure out the issue. When Miyamoto arrived to the office one day he found that the other developers had already decided to use an animation of Link kicking the hinge of the chest as this made the process of opening the chest look more realistic.

The Game Is Called 'The Hyrule Fantasy"  In Japan.

This may not seem like much of a fact as most games have different titles in different countries but this name would make much more sense in every country that it is released. It would 'hopefully' eliminate the whole confusion based around the name of the main protagonist. His name has been and always will be Link, not Zelda. But due to the name of the game being 'The Legend Of Zelda' nearly everywhere else in the world this allows for more and more confusion about the character's name. But oh well, Zelda for life!

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