Things I Don't Like But Everyone Else Seems To Love


We haven't had a rant post for a while have we? All this positivity everywhere is making me feel uneasy. Time to bring the mood down! Here are a few things that everyone else loves but I just don't get why.

Adam Sandler Movies

I always try to explain to people that once you've seen a single Adam Sandler movie you've already seen them all. Here, let me tell you a plot to one of his films and you try to tell me which one it is? Adam Sandler sees a good-looking female that he wants to be with, Adam Sandler can't find a way to do so. Adam Sandler confides in some kids, shenanigans happen and ultimately the children cause Adam Sandler and the lady to get together. The end. Which film was that? Bedtime Stories? Blended? Big Daddy? See, you can't tell because they are all literally all the same fucking movie. Don't get me wrong, some of his films are good but I want a more developed plot than the same old kid-helping-romance theme that every film seems to include.

Grilled Halloumi

I just don't get it. You're basically eating a novelty dog toy that's as salty as licking a raw Haddock. Anything that sounds like a nuisance rodent violently being slaughtered by a cat with vengeance when I eat is going no where near my mouth again. I swear the first time I went through the ordeal the full cast of 101 Dalmatians came bursting through the restaurant door. Suddenly it's the new big thing I see everywhere I turn...must be a hipster thing. I'll be sure to take some doggy bags next time I go into a Wetherspoons.

Game Of Thrones

I've tried, okay? Sitting through hour after hour of artistic nudity, impalement and dragons just doesn't seem to catch my attention. I'd rather see a Chemistry teacher cook narcotics, or watch a blood splatter analyst casually murder a few local serial killers. When it comes to fantasy I love the theme in gaming but not so much in film. Lord of The Rings included whereas The Elder Scrolls franchise in phenomenal.

Additional Dislikes

Apple (Good products, ridiculously overpriced)
Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke (Questionable Lyrics and a silly looking hat)
Robin Thicke in general (See his wikipedia page)
Car Obsessions (Look, my car goes vroom vroom louder than yours)

Is there anything that you hate yet everyone else seems to love? 
Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Totally agree with the disliking of Adam Sandler, he's a fraud film maker and only uses them for a holiday or as a vessel for product placement