5 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic Via Twitter


Every writer wants their work to be read. If you’re a writer, you’d surely want to share your ideas with the world. You want to see what the world thinks and how they receive it.
Your tweets in Twitter are an excellent way to voice your thoughts and communicate, but they have a character limit. You don’t get a chance to showcase your blogs. There are so many people with their work out there that yours gets hidden within the pile.
Below are a few ways you can increase the audience of your blog through Twitter.

1. Cleverly using #Hashtags

The use of hashtags originated from Twitter to categorize messages. They’re a way to keep updated on the latest trends by using keywords. You can also engage with your audience with the use of hashtags. People love to read about trending items. They also love to comment on them. Hashtagging your keywords is a great way to keep your blog under radar.
Hashtags also help the search engine pick up your keywords. They’ll be showcased above others and you’ll get more engagement. Brands follow this strategy and use unique hashtags to increase their following. You can do the same. A point to remember, make sure that the hashtag and the keyword is written without space. For example, # assignment services UK isn’t correct. #lovemyblog is the correct version.

2. Catchy Headers

Be sure to come up with a catchy title which will make a follower want to click on your blog. It doesn’t help if you have a boring or generic headline. Even if your content is amazing, a follower might not want to click on it, judging by its title.
People also like to read about things not usually talked about. Certain provocative articles have a larger audience. It would attract a lot of attention to your blog if you talk about a taboo topic or something contrary to popular belief.
People also like to read about self-help tactics. So if you wrote an advice sharing blog, it would help if your article started with “How to” or “nth number of ways” etc.

3. Quotes by well-known people

List a quote spoken by a famous celebrity or some popular name. It makes your content sound more believable if a famous party has acknowledged a topic and spoken about it. Retweeting something a celebrity said is also a way to get attention of the fans as well.
Mention quotes in your blog and hashtag the celebrity. People will be curious to see how you portrayed a famous person. You can also use “@” mentions to include other Twitter users or celebrities in your tweet.

4. Verified Accounts

You will have a lot more followers if you have a verified account. If you have an official web page for your blogs, you can link your twitter ID to your page. Twitter will contact you to verify your personal ID.
Once you are verified, you gain a lot more credibility. A blue checkmark appears beside your name, verifying the originality of your account.
You also get an ability to view information about your followers and monitor their activity. You can receive direct messages from your followers. In this way, you can see what your followers are interested in. You can also talk about issues your followers are interested in. You’ll get more popularity if you are known to listen to your followers.

5. Images and Videos

Social media has proved that the usage of visuals is a great way to keep your followers engaged. People love to see pictures relating to the topic. You can also create GIFs, a format which supports animated images.
Make sure the image is attractive and related to your blog. Write a teaser to your blog, and ask fans to click on the link if they’re interested to read more.

Twitter is a great way to generate traffic to your blog. What’s more, if you are a particularly active user, you’ll gain even more attention. Post regular tweets about your topics in the forms of teasers to gather more curiosity. Your followers just won’t be able to get enough of you!

About: Kaelynn Bailee is a part time social media blogger, extremely passionate about technology, digital and social media trends. She’s also a passionate writer and loves to write on culture.

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