Why You Should Stop Pre-Ordering Games


Video gaming has been around for quite a few decades now and the market shows no signs of drying out. Game developing is one of the best but hardest industries to get into nowadays due to the sheer popularity of the jobs in the sector. When video games first came about and their popularity grew is was very difficult to get a copy of the most popular games purely due to the fact that there wasn't enough copies being produced to satisfy the demand. This is where pre-ordering games first came about. Pre-ordering was the main way to guarantee yourself a copy of the game which was a great idea for the days when not enough copies were sold but in these modern times there are more than enough copies to go around so why do we still pre-order our games?

"Faceless" Bug - Assassins Creed Unity
Why would you pre-order a game that you know nothing about when you can easily get it a day or two after the release date? Why not wait a read a few reviews first before you invest your hard earned money in a new game, especially considering how expensive games are beginning to get. There is almost no reason to pre-order a game other than to get it on release day even though you would still be able to walk into a shop and get the game as there would be more then enough copies of the game available.

Pre-ordering games sometimes leads to developers not respecting their fan-base. some developers/publishers could have the mind set of "Well, these people have already bought our game, why do we need to improve it any-more?". This mindset leads to the release of terrible or even unfinished. Less attention to detail on the developer's part can be a consequence of guaranteed income from the already purchased games. Less care and more complacency. 

So I say to you...Stop pre-ordering games! Stand up for your rights as a consumer to have the best possible finished games from developers and publishers and make them have to makes the games as good as possible so more and more players buy them instead of making their money from pre-orders and unfinished games.

Of course some publishes are more ethical than other so it's safer to pre-order from Nintendo who almost always release a semi decent game. Also indie developers are usually safer but some cases have been shockingly unfinished but never should you pre-order from EA. (Need I Tell You Why?)

Thankyou for reading!
What unfinished games have you played?

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