Game Over Escape Room Derby Review *NO SPOILERS*


I was invited by the team over at Game Over Escape Room Derby to come along with a few friends to test out one of their escape rooms located on Gower Street on the 2nd floor of the Abbotts Hill Chambers building. I'd never been to an escape room before so I jumped at the chance and rounded up 5 other friends to go and see if we could beat the room.

The venue offers 4 different rooms to try to escape. These are: Saw, Jack the Ripper, Mission Impossible and Temple of Montezuma. I was torn between Saw and Jack the Ripper so I asked the manager to book us in for whatever room he thought was best. He decided on the Saw room because that's what he liked the most.

Upon arriving we were greeted by a really friendly staff member. He made us all feel right at home. We were asked to take a seat so here could quickly reset the room. We were only waiting for about 10 minutes before it was time to go in. We were all buzzing with excitement but had no idea what to expect as nearly all of us hadn't been in an escape room before. We were led into the room 1 by 1, each with a blind fold on. I was the first to go in cause, you know, I'm meant to be the blogger. We were each sat down on the floor (except for Joe because he gets a chair for some reason) and had one hand cuffed to the floor. There was almost no movement possible with the real metal cuffs. We were then told to begin once all of us were tied down.

I don't want explain any more about what we did because I don't want to spoil it but my God was it amazing. If I get any requests I may write a complete walk-through of what we did as an optional external link but in this post there are no spoilers. I cannot express enough how much I enjoyed this. It was mentally challenging but not too much at the same time, as shown by our completion time of 57:40 out of a maximum of 1 hour. In addition to this, the Saw room only has a completion rate of around 35% so we were quite proud of ourselves! The fasted time for the Saw room so far is somehow around 36 minutes, with only a 2 player team as well.

I would love to return at some point during the summer and especially around Halloween for another go at getting on the leader board. What I was most impressed with about the escape room was the wide range of types of puzzles and cryptic clues we had to solve. We had to constantly change our way of thinking, from code solving to using our Maths skills, the room had everything. I truly recommend this escape room fro anything. Birthdays, stag and hen dos, even for workplace team building!

Seriously, give this place a try. The rooms range from £15 to £21 per person depending on how many people are in your teams, the more you have the cheaper it is. Teams can be as small as 2 or as big as 6. For groups of 12 or more (where you'll be split between 2 rooms) the price for each person is reduced to £12.50. It was so much fun visiting with a team of 6 where each and every person made a breakthrough for us. I we weren't all there, I don't believe we would have escaped in time. Give this place a try!

To Book:
Phone: 01332 913333

Make sure you let me know if you're planning on a visit, and comment what time you got!

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