The Emoji Movie - Don't Give It Your Money


Film... An industry, an art form and even a powerful force of change. For many decades our society has produced some absolutely amazing films: Schindler's List, Star Wars, Mulholland Drive and even amazing comedies/kids films, such as Lion King and How to Train your Dragon, even Zootopia and Wreck it Ralph, which in my opinion will definitely go down among them.

And then... there's the emoji movie. I honestly don't even know where to start with this, to be honest.

I mean I suppose I should start with the premise. I don't even want to do a proper and genuine summary for this film because it doesn't deserve it. Essentially this kid wants to text his crush but doesn't know what Emoji to send, from there we enter the world of Emojis... And massive fucking product placement... Literally, they go through these different 'worlds' which are essentially just different apps. Now admittedly that could actually be a pretty cool idea and I could see some ways of them being able to make that into something different, but you know what it is? It's a Facebook app, a YouTube app, a candy crush app and a Just Dance app that is out now on IOS and Android! It's just insulting.

Then there's the blatant ripping off from Inside Out and Wreck it Ralph; two actually good kids films. The former being ripped off from the whole jumping to multiple worlds thing as well as the whole 'world within X' situation. And Wreck it Ralph, well the whole story just has so much of that film written all over it.

The point that I'm trying to get at is that it's just a pure representation of everything that is wrong with the film industry in my opinion. I think what makes it worse is they genuinely don't care about the hate it gets, the whole point of the film is so that if (and when) shit is thrown at it, it sticks. They couldn't care less if the film is reviled, as long as they make that money, that's what separates this from other bad films in my opinion, like I'm all for ironically going to see shit films, I love it, but in this case I just think you shouldn't give them the money, if you have to see it I urge you to borrow it from someone when it comes out on DVD or do something to not give them money as this film seriously doesn't deserve it, if anything, I hope the film flops disastrously, it would send a good message to the execs, but of course, it'll sell really well. 

Anyways, thanks to Adrian for giving me the opportunity to be a guest on his excellent blog and thanks for listening to my rant you lot! If you want to find my blog you can do so here:

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