Top 10 Gaming Keyboards


Gamers tend to get really meticulous with their keyboards. But with all the different keyboards being released today, how do you know which ones could give the most value for your money? Here’s a list of the best gaming keyboard in 2015:

10. Cherry G84-4100


If you want a small form-factor keyboard with all the main functions you need, then the Cherry G84-4100 is definitely for you. It’s responsive, minimal, and functional at best for its size.

9. CM Storm Devastator


The Devastator comes as a bundle with a gaming keyboard and mouse, both with full LED backlighting. The keyboard has custom membrane keys for enhanced durability. It insists on an ergonomic and ultra-low-profile design for comfort while gaming—ideal for casual and hardcore gamers alike.



The FORCE K7 is sleek with its scissor-key structure for noise-free typing and stable key pressing. There are three switchable backlight illumination colors you could choose from (blue, green, or cyan). It also has anti-ghosting capability around the WASD cluster. Other features include dynamic volume and backlit control, windows lock functionality, hot-link function keys, an extended rest area, and adjustable feet stands.

7. Logitech G105


The Logitech G105 features LED backlighting, 6 programmable G-keys for single actions and macros, anti-ghosting capabilities, game /desktop mode to prevent interruptions, quick access to media controls and more.

6. Turtle Beach Impact 100 Gaming Keyboard


The Turtle Beach Impact has smart-guided keycap sleeves that feel just like that of a mechanical keyboard’s, and a 30-key rollover with full anti-Ghosting. It’s also durable, with its circuit board mounted on a steel plate for stability.

5. RAZER DeathStalker Essential


The RAZER DeathStalker Essential is equipped with fully programmable low-keycap chiclet keys, has extreme anti-ghosting capabilities that register commands quickly and efficiently, and has a Razer Synapse 2.0 engine that automatically syncs the keyboard to a cloud server to download driver and firmware updates easily. The DeathStalker Essential also has a Dedicated Gaming Mode which deactivates the Windows key.

4. UTechSmart Saturn 7 Color Backlit 


The UTechSmart Saturn 7 Colors Backlit USB Multimedia Gaming Keyboard includes an adjustable multi-color backlight with automatic breathing transition capability and adjustable brightness feature. Its Lock / Unlock Win Key disables the Windows/Context Menu keys to prevent interruptions while in-game.

3. ARION Rapoo V500 PRO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


If you want a professional-looking keyboard that’s long-lasting, has mechanical key switches that are all programmable—including single, combination, and macro keys), then the ARION Rapoo would surely appeal to you. The Rapoo has a built-in memory that can save the keyboard configuration file in the game mode.

2. E-Element RGB Keyboard


The E-Element RGB Keyboard is sleek. It features 7 Adjustable LED Colors Backlight. The E-Element RGB Keyboard is a new take on an extremely popular keyboard style—all for a reasonable price.

1. Logitech G510 Backlit Professional Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


Think cool. The Logitech G510 has a Game Panel LCD screen that keeps you informed with real time game stats, VoIP Communication Data—and more—without interrupting your gaming experience. It also has Custom-Color RGB Backlighting, and you can assign a unique color to each profile, profile mode, and mode style, convenient for when it’s dark. With its 18 Programmable G-Keys, you can simplify actions and configure up to 54 unique functions per game. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or not, this keyboard is bound to impress, improve your overall gaming experience, and tops this list of best gaming keyboard that gives the most value for your money.

Written by Jack Blazer - Irate Gamer Sucks

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