Paradise Island Adventure Golf - Intu Derby Review


I was invited by the manager of Paradise Island Mini-Golf (PIAG) months ago to come along with a few friends of mine to visit the newly opened mini-golf course in the Derby Intu centre.

It wasn't until last week that I managed to finally visit due to the end of the uni year, exams and other priorities. So off I set with high hopes and expectations, knowing I was about to play on 2 18-hole courses. My pre-excitement was heightened by the press-release images I had previously seen. You could really tell just how much time and money had been invested into the decor surrounding the courses.
Upon arrival my presumptions were proved to be correct, the design of the props and environment was phenomenal. There was so much to look at. Sadly though, this was what seemed to be the main concentration by the designers, leaving little time or thought for the design and lay-out of the actual course.

I can only speak for myself here but my main want out of a mini-golf course is variety and excitement on the holes. I'm not too fussed about what's going on around me. I want moving obstacles and multi-stage holes. Holes with large pars and many different possibilities. Disappointingly all the holes had to offer were a few pipes to aim for and some stationary hazards. The par for the holes on either course never exceeded 3, with the majority of the holes having only a par 2. Th pars on each course are exactly the same; whether this was purposeful or accidental I do not know.

The prices range on whether you play 1 or 2 ourses. For me, a student, I would have had to pay £10 for both courses or £6.50 for the 1. Thy also offer a deal for a family of 4 for £36 for both courses among other deals for different age groups.

To sum up:

  • The decor of the courses really is gorgeous and well thought out, something of a rarity among modern day mini-golf courses
  • The 2 courses do become repetitive after a while, specially when you're playing both holes
  • The price is a little more that I would expect to pay on a mini-golf course but if you're attending with a family you could be paying a fairer amount

If anyone is interested, I won the first course with an exact par of 42! We won't talk about the second course...let me know if you beat me!

To book your own trip to the course in the Derby Intu centre please visit their booking page.

Here's a bonus video of a cheeky hole-in-one.

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