Spektrum - Blue Light Blocking Glasses Review


The folks over at Spektrum Glasses recently contacted me asking if I'd like to try out a couple of their blue light blocking specs! As I look at screens almost every second of the day I decided these would be perfect for me to try and use. That and my fondness for free stuff....

Spektrum glasses come in 2 main types: 50% and 99% blue light blocking. Their main purpose is, you guessed it, to block out different wave lengths of blue light. Blue light is considered a high-energy wave of light due to it's shorter wave length, meaning it's frequency is higher. Almost all smart screens nowadays give off some form of blue light. It has been argued and researched that prolonged exposure to blue light can affect your sleeping patterns and damage parts of your eye.

The 2 pairs I have received are at the 50% blocking level. Their site states that this level of blocking is suitable for people who need to block out blue light in the middle of the day, when the light takes the least effect on our bodies. These would be suitable for office workers, IT workers and students, or just people who use their phone a lot during the day. The 99% level variety is aimed more towards night users, where the effect of blue light is at it's most dangerous. These are suitable for night workers, nights owls or purely for people who like to browse through Facebook and Reddit in bed. Using the glasses should help you sleep after flicking through multiple screens.

Anyway, in addition to blocking blue light, the Spektrum Glasses offer a number of other helpful features. These include protection against UV lights, screen glare/flickering and even EM ray blocking. Starting to sound more like a Sci-Fi tech-fangled contraption.

Artist - 50% Blue Light Blocking

These are one of the normal pairs of glasses, great for people who use contact lenses or just have good eyesight in general. Looking almost like a normal pair or prescription glasses, these fit comfortably around your face and sit lightly, hardly being able to notice they're there. These retail at $39.95. 

Pro Clips - 50% Blue Light Blocking Clips

Fellow glasses wearers will agree with me here. Wearing glasses on top of glasses sucks. From goggles in a Science lab to have the buy 3D tickets to The Last Jedi because that's all they have to offer on opening night... so these clips are a great substitute! They fit perfectly ad securely around the nose of my glasses, barely noticeable due to the lack of frame around the lenses. Great for sitting at home on my PC blogging and doing uni work. Selling for $37.95 these could be a bit pricey for a casual screen user but for someone who has to look at screens most of the time they could prove to be a lifesaver.

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