2017 Blog Statistics - The JK Vision


It's that time again, time to look back on what we have achieved on this blog throughout 2017. Looking at view numbers, records and just seeing how far we've come in just 12 months.

1)  There have been 39 posts made to this blog in 2017.
    • That's 0.75 a week.
    • The third highest number of posts ever in a single year.
    • Over twice as many posts as 2016 (17).

    2) The months with the most posts:
    • August (7) 
    • December (6)
    • June (5)

    3) The months with the most views:
    • April (5,822) 
    • June (5,074) 
    • September (3,484) 
    4) The most views came from (All Time) :
    • Facebook (2,226)
    • Twitter (1,518)
    • Google (1,129)
    5) Countries most viewed by (All Time): 
    • United States (33,219) 
    • United Kingdom (15,253)
    • Israel (14,732)
    6) Brands Worked With - 11!
    That's more than the previous 4 years combined, almost 1 post a month was sponsored and without them, I probably wouldn't be writing this blog still, so thank you.

    It's been a bit of a slow one this year what with uni ending, a new career beginning along with a whole bunch of other stuff, but this blog will not end anytime soon and I will devote as much of my time as I can to keeping it alive.

    All Statistics Are Correct At The Time Of This Post And Do Not Include This Post Itself

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