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Turtle Bay is a Caribbean style restaurant specialising in jerk, rum and reggae. The Derby branch of the restaurant opened in July 2015. It is located on the Wardwick in Derby's Cathedral Quarter and has remained there ever since. I was invited, along with a friend for a visit as their guest so I could try their Caribbean style food and then offer my thoughts to you guys. 
Before I get into the food I need to talk about how phenomenal the service team are. Everything I met and talked to there were some of the friendliest people you could me. Always asking you if your meal is adequate and making general chit-chat. I good amount of the server asked if I enjoyed my meal and even the chef asked us on our way out. Genuinely lovely people and really made the experience as good as it could have been.

Starter - Jerk Chicken Wings (£5.10)

Jerk Chicken Wings (Featuring my date's sweetcorn fritters)

For starters I began with the Jerk Chicken Wings. Spice marinated for 24 hours and boy could you tell. I'm a lover of spicy food so these wings really hit the spot. They were so spicy that I have trouble even talking to my friend I was eating with. Worked out well though, it allowed me to spend less time making chit chat with someone I see everyday (not voluntarily) and more time enjoying, quite frankly, a beautiful starter. The wings were beautifully tender with a good amount of meat on the bones. Very messy and sticky to eat but then again it's pretty tough to look like nobility whilst working away at a chicken's wing covered in actual fire. At £5.10 it is a bit dear for a starter. You do get a good amount of wings for your money however and they don't cheap out on the masses of sauce your wings come covered in.

Main - Double Dipped Steak (£14.95)

I spent a good while trying to decide what to have for my main, searching through the menu a few things caught my eye....salmon...goat...steak. The steak got me. The Double Dipped Beef Steak to be exact. Again marinated and served with green seasoning, sweet onion chutney and the choice of a side from about 8 different options (I went for the sweet potato fries). You get the choice of a coconut or classic jerk glaze but it's got to be the classic right? I wanted to get the full flavour of the meat so I opted for mine to be cooked rare. The food came quickly and the steak was good to perfection exactly how I like is - browned on the outside and a lot of red in the middle. A good steak has to be cooked rare and juicy and the chefs at Turtle Bay did not disappoint. Such a tender cut of beef as well, there were a few tough parts of the meat but you can expect to get that with almost any steak. I'd never had green seasoning before I had this meal, it was so nice I've looked up a recipe to make my own. The sweet potato fries were lovely and crispy, which is quite hard to get right usually (from experience). With the steak being £14.95 I would have definitely given a second thought about whether going for it or not if I wasn't a guest on the night. 

Dessert - Spiced Chocolate Pot (£4.85)

To finish off my so far enjoyable night the spiced chocolate pot caught my eye as something I'd never tried before, and vaguely ever remember hearing of. The pudding is described as "Set chocolate cream, served with coconut shavings & coconut ice cream". I was already pretty full at this point but I soldiered on and ate about half of the bowl. The dense and rich chocolate and a kick of spice hit you striaght away. I could never quite put my finger on the spice they used in the chocolate itself but you could tell it was there. The coconut ice cream ticked all the boxes. It had a good level of sweetness, taste and was lovely and smooth. I couldn't finish the dessert though sadly, I'd most likely opt for a lighter alternative if I were to return. For £4.85 you'd expect a good amount of flavour in your dessert, which there was. Sadly the chocolate wasn't to my personal taste entirely but still enjoyable. The ice-cream on the other hand was one of the best in a long while.


To summarise: Turtle Bay Derby has one of the best table service teams I have ever seen. They are ever so polite, thoughtful and make great recommendations from the menu. The chefs can obviously cook steak to perfection, everything was the perfect about of rarity, crunch, spice or sweet. The only item out of the whole menu that I didn't completely enjoy was the chocolate in the spiced pot, the spice added the the chocolate wasn't my kind of thing but the ice cream was wonderful. Just about the only thing I can fault Turtle Bay on is the pricing of a few items on the menu, they can be a bit dear depending on what you go for but there are "Lunch 'N' Lighter" options to go for is you want to spend less and enjoy a smaller meal. I would have spent £24.90 (not including drinks) all together which doesn't actually seem too bad for a 3 course meal. I mean it wouldn't be the sort of place a student like myself could afford to go every week or so but as a treat a few times a year or for older diners it's a definite yes. I would gladly eat here again.

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