Beer52 - Craft Beer Subscription Box Review*


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Beer52 is a craft beer club that will send you a monthly crate of craft beers and ales from all around the globe. From as far away as Estonia or as close as up t'north the selection of beers received are always unique and varied.

I was recently in contact with the people over at who offered to send me a box of their craft beer service so I could review the experience as a whole and let you guys know what I think. The box arrived around Friday last week. That night I said down with my housemate, got pen and paper at the ready and got drinking (for science purposes of course).

Each box comes with 8 craft beers, a snack and a copy of that month's instalment of Ferment magazine. Of the 8 beers I received there was one name that really stood out. One of the beers had an almost completely blank label with a few random photos poorly formatted in. Thinking this was a mistake at first I tried to look for the name of the beer. Quite fittingly this beer was called "Fuck Art". I'm not even joking here, the beer was genuinely called "Fuck Art.". The beer itself was a disappointment. Difficult to enjoy drinking continuously but then again, I'm not a huge fan of Grisette at the best of times.

I won't be discussing much detail of each beer since this is more about the experience as a whole and not a review of the breweries of produce the beer. The other beers I received were named: Santa Paws, Mikkeller, Littlebro, Mordue - Krampus, Wiper and True, Rouge and Flower Power Hippy Dippy All Things Pretty (again not joking here). As you may have been able to tell there was a Christmas theme going on this month, I can't exactly tell why though. Using a rating system (seen below) the best beer I received was Brewdog - Santa Paws. I'm not a massive ale fan but this Scotch Ale was quite weak in taste and easy to drink and enjoy. This scored the highest rating of 75/100.
The lowest scoring beer was named "Wiper and True", a Berliner Weisse from Bristol. Even though it has a lovely, simplistic design along with a pleasant aroma it was it's taste and after taste that let it down, resulting is a score of 35/100.

As any beer fan knows, to really enjoy a craft beer you need a salty snack to munch on. As with every monthly box I received a snack as well. This month it was chilli flavoured seeds from the company "Munchy Seeds" and my go were they the perfect compliment to my beer binge. I loved them so much I've been tempted to buy even more of them, just perfect. Added into the box was the latest issue of Ferment and after reading I've fallen in love with it's writers, a great combination of information and comedy rolled into 1 magazine.

The price for a single box is £24 making each beer around £3 each. This is around the same amount you would pay for a craft beer in a pub so it's not too dear, especially since you get a snack and a magazine that retails at £4.99 included too. Despite this £24 a month can be a bit of a strain on your bank account, especially as a student. But if you split the price between you and a friend or 2 it could be a nice investment. I know I won't personally pay the £24 per month for the box but it could be acceptable for someone with more surplus income. Overall I rate this box highly. There's a great variety of beers from around the globe, great snacks and a good read too.

Thankyou for reading, and let me know if you've got a box for yourself!

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