Star Wars: The Last Jedi. What can we learn from the title?


The Last Jedi Poster - Souce
So yesterday the title of the next instalment of the Star Wars franchise was released, along with a poster. The title announced was Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi. There's been a lot of speculation around what this title could or could not mean, along with the alternative red text used instead of the classing golden-yellow option. So I thought I'd offer my views on what the recently released poster could implicate about the upcoming epic as well as give my reasons as to why some theories may be wrong.

This doesn't mean Luke Skywalker is going to die.

I've seen a lot of theories going around saying "Oh my god Luke is gonna die" or even Rey, claiming that "Last Jedi" means that there can only be 1 remaining by the end of the film. Although this could be the case, in no way can this be true based on the title. Bare in mind that the plural of Jedi is indeed still Jedi. Jedi can be plural as well as singular as in "Luke and Rey are the last Jedi". The title is merely suggesting that the film will focus on the last of the Jedi, which we know so far only consists of Rey and Luke. If anyone ever tries to tell you that there must only be 1 Jedi left at the end of the film please correct them.

What could the red text mean?

Every Star Wars saga film from The Phantom Menace to The Force Awakens has used the same golden-yellow colour of text in their posters so why have red been chosen for The Last Jedi? The man behind Finn, John Boyega, stated around a year ago that Episode VIII would be much darker than The Force Awakens so this may be a clue as to why the Red was chosen. It's also been rumoured that The First Order may become a lot stronger and more powerful than the resistance, similar to the original star wars sequel, The Empire Strikes Back. In my opinion this Red represents the upcoming bloodshed and dark times for the resistance since red typically represents the dark side of the force. Or the red text could just be a clever ploy by Disney to get people talking about the film from the off.

No matter what this logo could mean I am extremely excited for the next instalment since The Force Awakens was a masterpiece and Rouge One was even better. Let's hope director Rian Johnson and his writing carry the story of Star Wars on in the best way possible. 

Let me know your ideas down in the comments.

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  1. This is the first I've even seen of the poster! When they first announced the new movies (and the fact that they were Disney) I expected them to be total shit but I LOVED The Force Awakens and Rogue One was brilliant too. I'm super excited already and expecting The Last Jedi to be an emotional one!

    Rebecca, libfemblog xo